Unique Gardens - How We Work

Unique Gardens - How We Work


The design process starts with the consultation. It is important for us to have a clear understanding of both your expectations and any special requirements you have. We aim to design a garden that will fit in with your practical requirements as well as please you from a visual point of view.

We can provide advice for the whole or part of your garden. We can transform your planting and in doing so create the atmosphere you are looking for in your garden.

We also work with a range of professionals who can advise on services from tree surgery to electrical work.

You may require a garden that is relaxing, great for wildlife, for entertaining or suitable for disabled or elderly people. You may require a low maintenance garden or one that has a certain wow factor in terms of its plants, layout, lighting or special water feature. It may be that you need planting to screen your property from neighbours or simply to delineate a particular area of the garden.

Whatever your requirements we will need to understand how to interpret them for you before we start work. The initial consultation sets the scene and enables us to achieve your aims by giving us an insight into what elements of the design are of most importance to you.

Site Survey

The site survey is integral to the design. It provides the measurements for a scaled drawing and identifies peculiarities of the site such as the the 'lie-of-the-land', location of drainage, access and geographical location, (N. S. E. W. facing). Subject to the site's size and complexity, the survey may be carried out at the same time as the initial consultaton, otherwise a separate appointment will be made.